New Year’s Resolutions for the Busy Student

People usually feel one of two ways about New Year’s resolutions. They either love them and consider January 1 a fresh start or think they’re ridiculous and feel the beginning of a new year brings no more opportunity for change than any other day. If you’re the latter, bear with us. We understand that sometimes the best resolutions aren’t those that immediately bring about drastic changes, but those that are realistic and attainable enough to become habits. Here are our top five picks for resolutions that we think even the busiest students will be able to stick with.

  1. Do more of what you love. Spend a moment thinking about what truly brings value and joy to your life. Do you feel most at peace when you’re strumming a guitar? Are you happy to just sit and read a good book? We’re not suggesting you take up something entirely new and time-consuming. Just find what brings you happiness and make an effort to do a little bit more of it every day.
  2. Talk to God. How simple is that? Everyone has a commute, whether you take a bus, drive a car, or walk from your dorm to class. What better time to spend a couple of minutes every day talking to God, letting Him know what’s on your mind and heart, and thanking Him? This resolution takes just a little bit of effort, but the pay-off will be amazing.
  3. Get some rest! Hopping into bed after a long day is no chore, but between class, homework, extracurriculars, jobs and a social life, getting enough sleep is sometimes harder than it looks. Figure out how much sleep you need to function at your best and try to get that much every night.
  4. Finish your work the day before it’s due. Murphy’s law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. We’ve all been there – you finish that paper in the nick of time, but your printer is out of ink. You rush to the library to print your paper, only to find that the printer is undergoing repairs. Save your future self the stress by giving yourself deadlines the day before assignments are actually due.
  5. Find the good in all that you do. It’s easy to start feeling the burn out halfway through the year, and when you’re tired of being tired, it becomes more appealing to convince yourself that what you do every day isn’t making a huge difference – but it is. Perhaps your professor was filled with pride and joy upon writing a big A+ on your paper. Maybe the person you held the door open for really needed to be shown an act of kindness on that day. What you do matters – don’t forget that.

May the New Year bring you love, joy, peace and success, Cardinals!



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